By Paul Caputo

Known as the Great Plain of Hungary, the Kunság region is finally enjoying a small quality renaissance, and for those producers tired of fighting against their region’s reputation as a source of unexciting bulk wine it is a welcome development. Covering more than 24,000 hectares of vineyard and sandwiched between the Danube and River Tisza, Kunság is Hungary’s largest wine producing area by some distance. In a region of such enormity, it is inevitable that its significant output of light and simple wine characterises it more than the handful of boutique wineries crafting artisan products.


Izsáki Arany Sárfehér OEM

Izsáki Arany Sárfehér, nestled within the larger region of Kunság near the town of Izsák has protected origin status (or OEM in Hungarian) for the production of white wines from the Arany Sárfehér grape.

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Monor OEM

Monor OEM is located within the Kunság region. Covers around 340 hectares.

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Soltvadkerti Ezerjó OEM

Soltvadkerti Ezerjó is a protected sub zone of the Kunság focussing on the local Ezerjó grape. As the name suggests it grows around the town of Soltvadkert.

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