By Paul Caputo

Mavrud is, for me at least, the undoubted star of Bulgaria’s red varieties. Its ability to yield big, ripe and round wines that work both with or without oak make it a key grape and I’d love to see producers embrace this going forwards.

Mavrud grows predominantly in the Plovdiv area of the Thracian Valley, just south of the Rhodeppe Mountains where the weather is warmer and the grapes can ripen easier. Here, in the alluvial soils, Mavrud’s large bunches The biggest concentration of vineyards are around the Asenovgard

It also grows closer to the Black Sea, in and around Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora and Pomorie. As you might expect people are starting to plant more vineyards and we are starting to see Mavrud based wines in both the Sakar and Melnik regions.