Aglianicone is a red grape variety grown in the South of Italy, particularly in Campania. In recent decades it hasn’t received the care and attention it deserves and has often been treated as a sub variety of Aglianico. This misconception, which also extends into confusion over whether or not the variety is actually Ciliegiolo, has meant that Aglianicone has been planted, for better or worse, in different soils and microclimates. Ian d’Agata argues that in the vineyards around Benevento and Avellino the Aglianicone planted is more easily differentiated with Aglianico vines. It is in the southern part of the Provincia di Caserta in the Val Calore where Aglianicone performs best. Most of the wines that are available on the market, either in Italy or internationally are labelled as Paestum IGP. Currently the only DOC eligible to use the variety is Castel San Lorenzo DOC. The wines of Tenute del Fasanella (if indeed their Aglianicone wine is Aglianicone) are worth hunting down, while there are also good examples from De Conciliis and Cantina Rizzo.