By Lisa Rowlands

Occupying the western part of the northern shore of lake Geneva, this appellation accounts for more than half of the region’s total wine production and around 13% of the nation’s vines. With twelve designated areas of production dotted along its 45 kilometre sweep, the range in micro-climate, elevation, altitude and soil composition here results in a huge variety of grapes finding success.

Ten kilometres south west of Lausanne, the historic municipality of Morges gives its name to the largest of La Côte’s wine producing territories. With more than 600 hectares under vine, the Morges region stretches from the city of Lausanne to the Aubonne River, encompassing a number of renowned vin-villages as well as some lesser known but equally intriguing settlements, home to enthusiastic wine-makers intent on sharing their passion.

Nyon is the most southerly and second largest of the appellation’s sub-zones; situated at an altitude of between 1300 - 1500 feet above sea level, its 260 plus hectares of vineyard are planted on some of La Côte’s most fertile hills. Plentiful sunshine and warm summer temperatures moderated by the lake combine with mineral-rich soils to provide optimal wine-growing conditions for both red and white varieties.