By Paul Caputo

Armenian wine has a long and rich history, dating back thousands of years to the time of the ancient Kingdom of Armenia. Over the centuries, Armenian wine-making techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, resulting in a unique style of wine that is prized for its bold flavors and high quality. Today, Armenia is home to a thriving wine industry, producing a wide range of red, white, and rosé wines using both local and international grape varieties. From crisp, fruity whites to rich, full-bodied reds, Armenian wine offers something for every taste and occasion.

Located near the capital city of Yerevan, the Ararat region is one of the most important wine-producing areas in Armenia. This region is known for its warm climate and fertile soil, which make it ideal for growing a variety of grape varieties, including the famous Armenian brandy grape, Sireni.

Regions of Armenia

Vayots Dzor

Vayots Dzor is located in the far south east of Armenia and home to the world’s oldest (known) wine cellar, dating back 6,200 years. It was uncovered in the Areni Cave. The region boasts many indigenous grape varieties that are yet to be studied, including the obscure Armenian grape Khatoun Kharji.

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Aragatsotn is located in the north west of Armenia and is home to the rolling foothills of Mount Aragats. The main grape varieties are Voskehat, Kangun, Rkatsiteli, Haghtanak, Karmrahyut and Areni Noir.

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The Ararat wine region, which mainly covers around 5000 hectares in the Ararat Valley is home to a number of different wines styles. Local grapes varieties include the red Kakhet, Sev Aygeni, Karch Mat, Sev Ginuk, Garni, Yeraskheni, Vagheni, and Sev Sateni. The main white varieties are Spitak Arakseni, Spitakeni, Sarnashak’ar, Arevar, and Ararati.

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Armavir is located in the west of Armenia. Around 7000 hectares of vineyard are located high up at altitudes of 700 metres. White wines are mainly made from the Garan Dmak and Mskhali varieties, while rosé wines from are made with Vadaguyn Yerevani.

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