About Vigne Mastrodomenico

By Paul Caputo

My association with Basilicata’s Mastrodomenico family has more or less existed since the start of my own career in the wine industry. I had just imported my first pallet of Aglianico into the UK when the phone rang. It was Giuseppe Mastrodomenico and he had unearthed my name and number from the latter pages of google after spotting a connection through my own ancestral affiliations with the region.

He informed me that he was a young producer with family vineyards cultivating Aglianico del Vulture. He articulated the wine making heritage of his family, particularly on his mother’s side, and proudly proclaimed his vineyards as a source of fruit for some of the better known Vulture wines in circulation.

‘Exciting things’ he continued were on the horizon however. Not only had they produced their first wine to excellent acclaim, Giuseppe an engineer by trade, was working on an agricultural traceability project called ‘farm to fork’ that had received EU funding. You can read more from the link but the concept uses technology in the vineyards to not only back up viticultural instinct with science, but also trace the conditions and origins of any final product. Great I would suggest for consumers who care about where their wines come from.