Villages of Ahr Valley


Ahrweiler is a small village located in the centre of the Ahr Valley. To the east the region becomes much flatter compared to the hillier terrain to the west. The village typically grows red grape varieties such as Spätburgunder and Frühburgunder and is best known for its three Grosse Lagen sites of Rosenthal, Daubhaus and Silberberg.

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Altenahr is located in the far west of the Ahr Valley, just a few miles from Ahrweiler. The village is best known for growing the red Spätburgunder on steep slopes that rise up to 300m. The only Grosse Lage here is the south facing site of Eck.

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Bad Neuenahr

Neuenahr is known for the cultivation of Spätburgunder. There are three important Grosse Lage vineyard sites here - Kirchtürmchen, Schieferlay and Sonnenberg.

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The hilly wine producing village of Dernau is located in the centre of the Ahr Valley where a number of producers cultivate Spätburgunder. It is famed for two Grosse Lage sites - Pfarrwingert and Hardtberg, both of which produce light, classy red wines.

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