Appellations of Canary Islands

Abona DO

Abona - a wine growing region on the south coast of Tenerife, achieved Denominación de Origen status in 1996, following an almost fifty year drive to improve the quality of production. The diverse topography of this area creates a series of microclimates conducive to viticultural practice, and many of the appellation’s vineyards occupy sites on Mount Teide’s south-facing slopes at elevations above one-thousand metres. The warm, humid conditions during the day are replaced in the evenings by cool, dry winds, and hence Abona’s grapes develop slowly and retain good levels of acidity. Wines are produced in a range of styles from regional favourites such as Malvasia, Palomino and Listán Negro, as well as some international varieties.

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El Hierro DO

This Denominación de Origen for wine, established in 1995, covers the island with which it shares a name. Vines are planted on steep slopes of volcanic soils at altitudes up to around seven-hundred metres. The climate is mild with an abundance of sunshine and humidity brought in by the Alisios trade winds. White wines dominate and are made in a range of styles from grapes such as Pedro Ximénez, Vijariego Blanco and Palomino. Red wines are also produced here, with Listán Negro and Tintilla amongst the permitted varieties.

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Gran Canaria DO

Established in 2000, Gran Canaria DO is a Spanish Denominación de Origen that covers the length of breadth of the island with which it shares a name. Like all of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria has a winemaking history that dates back to at least the sixteenth century and is distinguished by its diverse topography and subsequent range of wine growing microclimates. Listán Negro, Tintilla, Listán Blanco and Malvasia are amongst the grapes permitted for making wine on the island.

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La Gomera DO

Granted Denominación de Origen status in 2003, La Gomera DO is an appellation for wines on the island from which it takes its name. The rugged, mountainous terrain of the island dictates that many of the vineyards occupy steep stone-walled terraces and hence, tending the vines here can be quite a challenge. White wines dominate La Gomera with Forastera Blanca amongst the most favoured varieties.

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