By Paul Caputo

Liguria is North West Italy’s slender and picturesque coastal region, romantically known as the Italian Riviera. Here, terraced vineyards overlook the sea as they hug steep hillside climbs that. It’s an area of incredible natural beauty with pretty seaside villages offering chic hideaways to dine on the crisp white wines of the area and days maritime catch.

Shaped like a boomerang, Liguria borders the frontier with France to the West and extends east past the city of Genova, towards La Spezia and then south towards Tuscany. The journey from one side to the other delivers an assortment of boutique DOCs, many of which give a platform to little known grape varieties.

The most important appellation, if only in terms of image and visibility is Cinque Terre DOC, covers white wines produced around the famous town of the same name. The visually striking effect of Cinque Terre’s coloured building teetering above the vivid azure of the bay of Genoa is an evocative effect. Here the Bosco grape much constitute a minimum of 40% although some producers choose to make monovarietal versions. The rest can be made up of either Albarola and / or Vermentino.

Appellations of Liguria

Cinque Terre DOC

Cinque Terre DOC, also referred to as Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà DOC, produces white wines from Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino.

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Colline Savonesi IGP

Very small IGP appellation established in 1995 for red and white wines around the hills of Savona.

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