By Paul Caputo

The Peljesac peninsula juts out from the Croatian mainland, extends into the sea and represents a treasure of Dalmatian winemaking. Plavac Mali is the key variety here. The variety seems capable of producing robust, full bodied red wines with plenty of black fruit flavour. Terroir is important here. Summers are scorching and it’s not unusual for the late ripening Plavac Mali to accumulate sugars that pushes the wines towards 15% alcohol and beyond. Irrigation isn’t required here because a majority of dolomite stones retain enough water to keep vines working hard, but not too stressed.

Around the commune of Ston, an area covered thick with vines and the first area of importance on the peninsula, Vinarija Marlais produce noteworthy wines.

Halfway down the peninsula on the west side we come across the Grgic Winery, planted with Plavac Mali and Pošip on steep terraced vineyards. Mike Grgic is the man behind this project and although his name might not be instantly familiar, he was the winemaker behind the famed Napa Valley Chateau Montalena which picked up so much acclaim during the now iconic judgement of Paris competition.

Appellations of Peljesac


Dingač is the best known appellation in Dalmatia. Situated on the island of Peljesac it produces premium quality Plavac Mali.

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Postup is a small area on the island of Peljesac where high quality Plavac Mali is produced.

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