About Cantina Sociale di Mendrisio

By Lisa Rowlands

As the canton’s only cooperative, Cantina Sociale Mendrisio has approximately three-hundred grower members and boasts a grape yield of around one-thousand tonnes each year. Drawn predominantly from the fragrant vines of the Mendrisiotto wine producing area - which includes the renowned twenty hectare ‘Tenuta Montalbano’ vineyard, the cantina’s wines reflect the regional dominance of the Merlot grape variety.

But whilst Merlot accounts for the lion’s share of production - being vinified as white as well as the more usual red - a number of newly introduced white varieties are also making a name for themselves on the sun-soaked slopes of Mendrisio. Amongst these, the quartet of Chasselas, Chardonnay, Kerner and Viognier are perhaps the most successful, being grouped variously in blends that have received international acclaim.

The range of wines offered here is vast and varied, and structured to ensure quality and value for all consumers at every price point. Amongst the higher-end products are the Monticello Vini line and the multi-award-winning La Trosa - Ticino DOC - Merlot - an outstanding varietal resulting from a prolonged vinification process, a period of ageing in oak and a further spell of at least six months in the bottle before being released.