About Château Biac

By Paul Caputo

In 2006, Tony and Youmna Asseily became accidental winemakers in their favourite holiday destination, moving their family from Lebanon to Bordeaux. 10 years on they are still proudly living the dream at Chateau Biac. This small, but stunningly beautiful estate is nestled in the heart of the Entre deux Mers area and boasts heart stopping views over the Garonne River and plains of the Graves.

Chateau Biac has an incredibly rich history, including an extensive winemaking heritage; how does it feel ten years into your family’s ownership of the estate?

Whilst aware of that rich history and heritage when we acquired it in 2006 we have since discovered documents, inter alia old Feret Editions, that as far as the mid-19th century, Biac was already known to produce “wines of elegance, fine wines, amongst the first growths of the area”. Many professional viticulturists of the region also confirmed that the terroir was indeed quite unique and magical! We saw ourselves as custodian of that heritage and our aim has been to restore the property to its former glory and reputation. After 10 years of intense labour and investment, we are starting to feel that we are on the right track! But it is a continuing process.