About Château Sigalas-Rabaud

By Paul Caputo

Château Sigalas Rabaud is one of the great names of Sauternes. It produces luxurious sweet wines that rival the very best in the world. Located just south of Bordeaux, Château Sigalas Rabaud takes advantage of the natural humidity that gathers in this part of the region and allows for the production of naturally sweet wines from botrytis.

The château itself was created in the 17th century and like many other estates at the time, went about its business making well regarded wines. It was with the advent of the 1855 classification though that Sigalas Rabaud came to prominence. Along with 10 other properties, Sigalas Rabaud was rated as a first growth and has enjoyed the benefits of this lofty position ever since.

In 1863 Henry de Sigalas acquired the estate. Forty years later his son Pierre Gaston de Sigalas took over the property, which came with a small chateau and on the south facing hill, a small farm. Choices were made and it was decided that the chateau and some of the north facing vineyards would be sold off, while Pierre would keep just 14 hectares which included the farm buildings we see today.