About Ocone

By Paul Caputo

The Ocone family has been producing wines in Campania since 1910. Located in the ancient hills of Sannio, in the province of Benevento, the estate known as La Madonnella now covers twelve hectares with ten of them given over to DOC vines. Year after year, Azienda Ocone produce highly respected wines. Wine making is now the responsibility of Luigi Pastore.

It’s a company keen to express the individuality of their vineyards. As such they have created some cru sites. Within the four hectares of Aglianico a single hectare goes by the name of Vigna Pezza la Corte, while within the two hectares of Falanghina, one is Vigna del Monaco Morto. Despite this, additional grapes are still purchased from elsewhere in the area to make up the range.

The Piedirosso, a grape variety known more in the area around Naples than Sannio, is a welcome feature of the range. Despite being late harvested, it’s light and vibrant and a wine that is aged just six months in stainless steel in order to preserve the natural characteristics of the fruit.