Sub-zones of Loire Valley

Anjou Saumur

The Anjou Saumur region of the Loire Valley was typically known for its inexpensive light white and rose wines. In recent years however smaller appellations with a focus on premium quality have emerged, such as prestige Chenin Blanc from Savennières and exciting expressions of Cabernet Franc in the Saumur-Champigny.

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Centre Loire

The Centre Loire covers the eastern appellations of the Loire Valley. Sancerre, perhaps the most famous white wine area of the region is to be found here.

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Pays Nantais

The Pays Nantais covers the western most growing area of the Loire Valley. It is famously home to the white wines of Muscadet, known for their time ‘sur lie’, and recently, for the development of Cru system focussing on terroir.

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Touraine sits at the heart of the Loire Valley, close to the city of Tours. The area is home to a diverse collection of fascinating wine terroirs including the increasingly trendy Chinon, produced from Cabernet Franc. Alongside Chenin Blanc grown in the village of Vouvray, a classic name in France’s white wine history, Sauvignon Blanc has become synonymous with Touraine and is often extremely good value.

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