Regions of Greece

Aegean Islands

The Aegean Islands are home to some of Greece’s most mineral driven white wines, grown on the volcanic soils of the island of Santorini from the Agiogitiko grape. The red Mavrotragano is also popular here.

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Attica is a very small wine region in central Greece, sprawling out around the capital city Athens. Most producers focus on the Savatiano grape and some are improving the reputation rapidly.

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The wines of Crete have made tremendous progress in recent years and now boast a growing emphasis on local grapes such as Mantilari and Thrapsathiri.

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Today the island of Kafalonia is home to some excellent wines. A wide variety of varieties are planted on mountainous soils and enjoy a mild, Mediterranean climate. Robola is one of the most popular grapes.

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Large wine region in Northern Greece. Often confused, controversially, with wines from the Republic of Macedonia.

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Home to some of Greece’s best vineyards and wines, the Peloponnese is an area with plenty of viticultural excitement. Look out for age worthy reds from Nemea.

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