About Cantina Franchetto

By Paul Caputo

Founded in 1982, the Franchetto family winery is based in the village of Terrossa, around 250 metres above sea level and has built its reputation on the production of Soave, and in particular the Garganega variety. In recent years the company has also expanded to produce sparkling Durella in the Lessini Durello DOC area.

The winery’s primary identity lies in the production of two wines - La Capellina and Recorbian. The latter originates from vineyards in the village of Terrossa di Roncà at around 220m, and is primarily Garganega from the volcanic soils of the area, touched up with a small percentage of Chardonnay. This generally shows a completely different character to the winery’s other key white wine, ‘La Capelina’, which is crisp, clean and structured. Instead ‘Recorbian’ demonstrates a softer, rounder appeal.

Much of the excitement around Franchetto’s wines can be found in an exploration of freshness and their ability to age, an understanding that is fueling a full on renaissance across the Soave region as a whole. Not only has a greater understanding of how to tame the natural vigour of the Garganega grape led to a better quality of wine, a wine-making approach that emphasises terroir, and in particular the complex volcanic soils that characterise the Soave hills, is ensuring that these wines are receiving massive acclaim.