About Azienda Agricola Inama

By Paul Caputo

Azienda Agricola Inama is often cast as one of the leading lights of Soave, one of the sign posts for high quality independent wine making in an area plagued by uninspiring bulk production. For many years this was the case, although today there is a large and vibrant scene of independent, boutique Soave producers that can showcase exceptional single vineyard wines.

Regardless, Inama remains one of the most important names in Soave, both in terms of reputation and of course, the quality of the wine. Over the years the Inama family have acquired parcels of vineyards throughout the ‘classico’ area of Soave and beyond into the unexplored hills of Berici and Stefano Inama can now boast a very sustainable half a million bottles a year. This should not worry the purist however as despite the impressive expansion, the wines are in fact wonderful terroir driven examples of what this enclave of the Veneto region is capable of.

The roots of Inama’s modern day brand are planted in Soave’s disappointing reputation during the 80s and 90s. To stand out, or indeed to make a point, the company attempted to lead with something new. Stefano wanted to show that the hills to the north east of Verona were actually capable of much better, that the plethora of poor wines was a result of viticultural laziness rather than a flawed territory.