About Cantina Moros

By Paul Caputo

Claudio Quarta is a man with a vision. Having successfully floated and exited his bio-tech company he returned from the US to settle in Como and then Puglia, where he turned his attention to wine, his big passion. Owning two other wineries in the South of Italy, Cantina Moros is his most focussed project, producing less than 10,000 bottles a year of Salice Salentino from a vineyard on the edge of Guagnano.

His philosophy of “one vineyard, one winery, one wine” not only encapsulates a belief that good wine comes from good fruit, but also underlines his desire to make a boutique wine based on premium quality. In a region dominated by large wineries, such small scale production is unusual. For Claudio, growth doesn’t mean increasing production at the expense of quality however. Rather, it can be achieved through the establishment of other wine projects in other territories. This approach has already been put into practice and the Quarta brand now includes the company’s work at Tenute Eméra in Lizzano and Cantine Sanpaolo in Campania.

Moros is a small cellar off the main road through Guagnano. Recently renovated to transform the original winery features into into a small museum, tasting room and art gallery, it is a small work of art in itself. The old tanks provide a link to the winery’s roots, but additionally, to the aesthetic beauty which symbolises the Moros project. Claudio’s daughter is now deeply involved in the company and represents the next generation with which Cantina Moros will surely grow and prosper.