Appellations of Puglia

Aleatico di Puglia DOC

Aleatico di Puglia is a sweet wine appellation in Puglia for wines produced with the Aleatico grape. As the only DOC that covers the entire region, there are dozens of producers that make a version of these luxurious, sticky wines.

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Alezio DOC

Alezio is a red wine producing area close to Gallipoli in the south of Puglia. It produces wines from a minimum of 80% Negroamaro, while Malvasia Nera, Sangiovese and Montepulciano can make up the rest of the blend. We know of no producers currently bottling their wines under this DOC.

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Barletta DOC

Barletta is a DOC wine produced in Puglia. Red wines are made with Negroamaro and white wines with Malvasia.

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Brindisi DOC

Brindisi is a small wine growing DOC around the city of Brindisi in Puglia. Red wines are the most interesting here and can be made with Malvasia Nera, Negroamaro and Susumaniello.

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