About Dal Maso

By Paul Caputo

The Dal Maso family’s recent foray into sparkling wine and the production of high quality traditional method Durella in the Lessini Durello DOC will ensure that we hear far more about this winery in the coming years.

Officially founded in 1919, the history of this family wine company starts on the rolling hills of Montebello Vicentino in the province of Vicenza. Towards the end of the 19th century Serafino Dal Maso, great-grandfather of the current custodians planted vineyards in what is now the Gambellara DOC, laying the foundations for four generations of dedicated wine production.

When Luigino Dal Maso took over in the late 1960s, the business started to make investments in new properties and land in Gambellara. Today there are eight hectares planted with the area’s important Garganega grape. In 1985 further vineyards in the Berici hills to the South West of Vicenza were added to the portfolio, an expansion which coincided with the first explorations of foreign markets.